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Bodybuilding vs CrossFit

CrossFit and bodybuilding can best be described as intense forms of body exercise that are very different from each other. The two practices have been in use for many years by people keen on their physical looks and strength and will keep being used owing to the increasing concern and appetite for staying healthy and keeping fit.


CrossFit is a combination of conditioning and strength exercises that include deadlifts, kipping pull ups, handstand push-ups, pistol squats, overhead squats etc, coupled with bouts of cardio (swimming, running, rowing, etc.) CrossFit heavily relies on workouts of the day (WOD) and offer athletes their game plan for their day workout. The exercises involved are done in a CrossFit box and are guided by a CrossFit coach. The exercise can either be fast paced, requiring precision or speed in execution of necessary strength and Olympic lifts.

CrossFit Pros and Cons

Some of the pros include improved cardiovascular endurance and development of muscle strength. CrossFit insists on the importance of healthy nutrition hence helps one eat in a healthy way. It is also quite affordable as it requires equipment that is less high-tech. It is further portable as one can use his/her body weight to create challenging routines of exercise anywhere.

Cons associated with it include frequent injuries as the practice has recorded more injuries than most other fitness regiments. The technique is also quite challenging as correct exercise forms are a challenge for many people to master and perfect. There is also a lot of peer pressure associated with it as the same community that encourages one to participate may push one to engage in unsafe exercise practices.


Bodybuilding is done by those intending to transform their bodies through intensive muscular activity. Bodybuilding uses three primary strategies that maximise one’s muscular strength. The first method includes maximising one’s power through hydraulic resistance, weights or elastic. The second strategy is stressing upon specialised nutrition, and the third one is giving the body enough rest.

Bodybuilding Pros and Cons

Some of the pros of bodybuilding include giving one stronger muscles even as he/she grows old. It also gives you stronger bones with increased bone mass which is important to women who worry much about osteoporosis. Bodybuilding further gives a person discipline that is learned in the training process. This discipline is irreplaceable and priceless and helps you get through other tasks with a lot of ease. It further gives you a lot of self-confidence as you gain acceptance among friends and peers.

There are no recorded cons of bodybuilding when a person does it properly. Most of the problems that develop are as a result of a bad form of exercise and improper diet. Some of the cons emanating from these include pains in the knees as a result of improper squatting. Bodybuilding also makes serious builders lack essential social skills as they neglect family and relations and put a lot of emphasis on bodybuilding. One also loses a lot of water and is always in danger of getting dehydrated.


Although the two methods have their challenges, they remain useful as they have a lot of health benefits. A deep understanding of how each of them works and the best forms of exercise related will help one gain more from them.

About the Author

Educating, inspiring and motivating people around the world to be more mindful of the health benefits of training, working hard and increasing fitness has become the key driver for Kevin Hodges since founding the website http://crazygain.com/ and promoting safe and importantly, legal training supplements. Ultimately staying legal and safe leads to strong, and more easily maintainable results.

Good luck and keep motivated!

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