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Pec Deck Workout

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Change the Shape of Your Chest with a Pec Deck

By Beginner Bodybuilding Guide

The pec deck has been around for over 50 years and for a very good reason. It isolates the pectoral minor and major without using the triceps. This is even more isolated because the elbows are locked in a bent position against the pec deck pads and no stress on the elbows like when doing flys.

But working a pec deck before or after you do benchpress or D/B press will change completely when you start to do partials and achieve peak contraction while isolating the pecs with a pec deck. You first need to find your 12RM, which is the maximum weight that you can do on the pec deck for 12 reps.

On your second set you do 10 reps with the same weight but this time you hold the contraction touching your elbows together for a full second before starting the eccentric movement. Doing this demands control, slow and steady with no momentum.

On the third set you are then doing a partial rep which means that you are only lifting the weight 25% of the normal distance and then return to the start. You should start at the top of the concentric movement by doing a partial rep with elbows together and then opening them only a quarter of the normal distance when you do full range.

By this time you will be feeling the start of a serious pump as you start on your fourth and final set. This last set is the coup de grace of the first three sets as you will now be combining all three. You start off doing a slow and deliberate 10 reps and then immediately start doing partial reps until you fail completely.

If the 12RM weight that you started with is the correct weight you should be able to do between 10 and 20 extra partial reps after completing a set of 10. Getting help from a training partner can help as you take your pecs past the point of failure.

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