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How Many Calories for Bodybuilding

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How to Determine Your Daily Calorie Intake

By Beginner Bodybuilding Guide

Creating good diet is very important to the goals that you will be trying to reach as a bodybuilder. I know that as a beginner you probably may not know where to start, so I will help you out in that department. To create your bodybuilding diet you will need to determine your daily nutrient intake. This is the amount of food sometimes measured in the form of grams or calories that will be eaten every day.

Calculate your caloric intake

Body weight times 18 or if your are a ectomorph (skinny guy) calculate body weight times 24 the total will be the number of calories you will need every day to maintain your body weight.

Calculate your daily nutrient intake.

The ratio for a proper bodybuilding diet should look something like this 40% carbs 40% protein 20% good fat. If you are a hard gainer than your ratio would be 50% carbs 25% protein 25% good fats.

Now we find out how any grams that will be needed each day.

Body weight times 3 will be the amount of grams that will be needed each day from carbohydrates.
Body weight times  1.5 will give you the amount of grams needed each day from protein.
Body weight times 0.666 will be the amount of grams needed from good fats on a daily basis.
Body weight times 0.66 will be the amount of water need every day. A gallon of water should be fine.

I really hope this post will help you with creating your bodybuilder diet. If you have any questions email me and I will get back to you soon as possible.

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