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Beginner Bodybuilding Back Workout

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Back Workout for Beginners

By Beginner Bodybuilding Guide

The back is a vital part of any movement that you do with your body and although a complex array of three different muscle groups and we will be how to increase the strength and mass of them all. These three muscle groups form the basis of any upper body strength that you have.

The first is the trapezius, or traps as fellow "meat heads" call them. They are the triangular muscles from the base of the neck down to the mid-spine between the shoulder blades. There are some people who consider the traps to be part of the shoulder region but others have found that they respond better when trained with the back.

Shrugs are the bread and butter for building huge traps. There are many variations you can use so we will use dumbbell shrugs as an example. Holding a dumbbell in each hand you shrug your shoulders as high as they can go, and hold it for a second, then slowly lower and repeat.

The next muscle group in your back is your lats which are those huge muscles that look like wings right under your arms. They are used for pulling yourself up, or pulling an object down towards you. Your lower back consists of the insertion point of your lower lats, and the spinal erectors. If you look at a bodybuilder s back, you will see what looks like a Christmas tree right above his waist. That is the separation of his lower lats and spinal erector.

The following two descriptions of exercises are for beginners starting for the first time but there are many different back exercises that can be done but this is a good start. The first is Pull-downs which is similar to pull-ups or chins as it works the lats.

Make sure the pad is holding your legs down firmly. This is an alternative to the pull-up assist machine. Using a wide over hand grip pull the bar down to your chest, using your back to pull down and not your arms or your bodyweight.

Always move in a controlled manner, never using momentum to do the work for you. You can perform an easy variation, by grabbing the bar with an underhand grip shoulder width apart. This will hit your lats from a slightly different angle.

Bent-Over Barbell Rows will add thickness to your upper back area and help develop that Christmas tree effect mentioned above. Stand shoulder width apart, with a straight bar in front of you on the floor. Pick up the bar with shoulder width grip.

Bend your knees slightly; lean forward until your upper body is parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight, with your head up. Lift the bar up, using your back muscles, until it touches your upper abdominal area. Lower it slowly and under complete control. It is really easy to let your arms do all the work. You need to mentally focus on making your back do all the work and just using your arms as tools, or hooks to train your back.

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